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£25,000 to be won on Ladbrokes Grassroots Poker £25,000 to be won on Ladbrokes Grassroots Poker

This year Ladbrokes Poker will be spending £25,000 on 40 Ladbrokes players who show they have the potential to be a UK Poker hero. All players have the opportunity to qualify for the Grassroots Scheme through one of the various ‘roots’ in March and April. In August one of these 40 Players will be crowned Grassroots champion winning themselves a sponsorship deal worth a staggering £10,000. Continue reading “£25,000 to be won on Ladbrokes Grassroots Poker” »

£1 Million Event on Betfred Bingo £1 Million Event on Betfred Bingo

Prepare yourself for one of the biggest promotions in the history of Betfred Bingo!

From March 30th until April 9th Betfred are boosting prizes in lunchtime games, weekend afternoon games and evening games to guarantee prize money of more than £1 million over the 11-day period! Continue reading “£1 Million Event on Betfred Bingo” »

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